Tuesday, February 03, 2009

As embarrassing as it is, I'm willing to share it..

Just promise not to laugh..

Holly, our uber talented TG-coordinator has posted a challenge on the LT blog to share our 1st layout we've ever created, yikes!!!! I know it's scary and cray-embarrassing but whoever has the guts, come on and post em here for a chance to win a rak FULL of new CHA goodies!! :)

To get you started, here's my VERY first layout I created back in Dec. 2005, yes, it's a two-pager! Yikes! (In my defends, all materials were purchased at Michaels and I didn't figure out that a store dedicated to scrapbooking even existed till Feb. 06, which opened up a whole other world for me!!)

Are you guys laughing now?! lol!
And to even out the horribly funny layout that you just saw, I'll leave you with a few digi layouts I managed to whip up in 2009! Compared to the very small number of the layouts I did in 2008, I think I'm a roll, hehe! (I'll be back to post the only 2 paper layouts that I did in 2008 once my camera gets back from the repair!)


Anonymous said...

ugh the stuff i am willing to do for free product, lol!! Okay i will go get a pic of mine, yours is way nicer, trust me!

Amanda said...

at least you used patterned paper for your background!! hee hee.. it's cute. :)
Gorgeous digi work too.. whoa.. they seriously rock.. love the color combo of the snapshots one! .. you've got such a relaxed yet edgy style.. love it!

Holly said...

I love all your pages, Cindee... even the first one. ;0) This has been such a fun challenge... I've loved seeing everyone's work!

Mel G said...

Thanks for sharing your 1st LO! I have some of that background paper! :)