Monday, February 23, 2009

Project 365, starting back up

Since I got my camera back last weekend, I've been thrilled start this project back up, it seems like forever ago since I had a camera in my hands and it sure feels good... *sigh.

52/365 l Feb 22, 2009 l xti l 17-50mm@44mm l 2.8 l 1/250sec l iso 100

51/365 l Feb 21, 2009 l xti l 17-50mm@33mm l f3.5 l 1/1000sec l iso 100

50/365 l Feb 20, 2009 l xti l 17-50mm@47mm l f 3.5l 1/250sec l iso 400

49/365 l Feb 19, 2009 l xti l 50mm l f3.2 l 1/250sec l iso 100

48/365 l Feb 18, 2009 l xti l 50mm l f1.8 l 1/100sec l iso 1600

47/365 l Feb 17, 2009 l xti l 50mm l f2.2 l 1/100sec l iso 1600

46/365 l Feb 16, 2009 l xti l 50mm l f2.2 l 1/1250sec l iso 200
all Viewfinder frame by Paislee Press

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lesson learned.

It all started last Thursday when one of my friends came over to bake our bf's some cookies for valentines day.
Just so all of you guys know, I'm not a big cooker, and although I occasionally cook and bake, I'm no master of such things but I can mimick fairly well, or so I thought, ha!
So when I read the very simple recipe, I thought, no-biggie!
It all seemed simple, maybe too simple.
Till everything went wrong.
But after 4 different batches and 7 hours later, we somehow managed to pull it off, lol! and beautifully if I may add. :)
Here's a glimpse of our chaos! (all the photos below were taken with my camera phone so please excuse the horrible quality.)

And the final product! My bf hates anything too sweet so I made him the plain heart shaped butter cookies while my friend's bf got the pretty ones with strawberry jam center!

To sum up the experience, here's what I learned about baking through this insane baking experience. I'm no patissier but I guess this is a good lesson learned. :)

-Read and FOLLOW directions carefully STEP BY STEP. Just because everything will end up being mixed together at the end, it doesn't mean that you can just mix them up together all at once! There is a reason why you should mix certain ingredients first so FOLLOW the directions!
-Be sure to not mistake 1/4 teaspoon of salt for 1/4 cup of salt or you'll end up with one salty batch of cookies!
-Make sure to double check if you have enough sugar and flour cause you'll most likely need more than what you have in your cupboard.
-Use a wax paper under your dough when cutting with a cookie cutter so it won't get stuck!
-If you don't know what you're doing, search google or watch some baking videios on youtube.

Other than that, my valentine's day with the bf was fabulous, the best v-day so far; it involved rose petals, candles, a new steak house, wine, heart shaped meat balls made by my bf, and my new 66" friend! :)
(Okay, I'm not normally the stuff animal type of gal but Patrick has been an exception as long as I can remember! )

In other news, I picked up my camera on Sunday and it's in working condition, (yay!) so no more crappy photos in my future blog posts, lol!!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Good-bye Bookmarks and Hello Evernote!

New technology can sometimes be a scary thing but when it makes your life a little easier, it's a good thing, it really is..

My boyfriend introduced me to Evernote the other day knowing how much I love finding new applications! When he told me that it was a tool to organize your bookmarks in a better way, I was sold! I mean, say the word "organize" and I'm all yours.. lol! Evernote is an application that holds your bookmarks as a screen shot (not just boring old links) where you can tag with key words so it's easier to find later! Now it'll be lot easier to manage my ever-growing bookmarks and I can even just highlight certain part of the website to store them (i.e. images that inspire), how cool is that?! I'm sure it has lot more functions that what I just mentioned and I still need more time to play around with this but for now, I'm completely SOLD.

If you're like me and have tons of websites bookmarked, sign up for it and say good-bye to your regular bookmarks!! :)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

When it rains, it pours..

It's raining today which makes me want to bust out my camera to take some rainy photos but...
my camera is still in the shop.
This totally sucks. :(

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

As embarrassing as it is, I'm willing to share it..

Just promise not to laugh..

Holly, our uber talented TG-coordinator has posted a challenge on the LT blog to share our 1st layout we've ever created, yikes!!!! I know it's scary and cray-embarrassing but whoever has the guts, come on and post em here for a chance to win a rak FULL of new CHA goodies!! :)

To get you started, here's my VERY first layout I created back in Dec. 2005, yes, it's a two-pager! Yikes! (In my defends, all materials were purchased at Michaels and I didn't figure out that a store dedicated to scrapbooking even existed till Feb. 06, which opened up a whole other world for me!!)

Are you guys laughing now?! lol!
And to even out the horribly funny layout that you just saw, I'll leave you with a few digi layouts I managed to whip up in 2009! Compared to the very small number of the layouts I did in 2008, I think I'm a roll, hehe! (I'll be back to post the only 2 paper layouts that I did in 2008 once my camera gets back from the repair!)