Thursday, January 15, 2009

Photos, memory card to computer

Back in April 2008 I decided to switch over to shooting in RAW, and I know this because the only reason I decided to switch over was cause I was attending a friend's graduation where the lighting was just horrid and I thought shooting in RAW was 100% forgiving (big mistake!!) but I digress... Since that time, I've been shooting in RAW ever since and because of lack of time and lack of defining my process, all my photos from July08 till now remained in my camera except for a couple that I needed of Label Tulip! I know, it's sick but I'm ready to come out of the closet now.. lol!

So, yesterday, totally inspired by our Project 365 group and the uber talented folks over on Flickr, I've been thinking a lot about my "process" and ways to simplify it. Last night, I finally pulled up a chair and started downloading the hundreds of pictures that still remain in my camera, yikes!

So my process begins.
  1. Download all the RAW files to my computer using adobe bridge
  2. Delete all unwanted photos-usually about 60-70% of them, ha!
  3. Minor tweaking in camera raw
  4. Open in photoshop to begin the editing process then save as jpg format. Right now, I'm editing as I need them but I'm hopeful that one day, I'll edit all the photos as I download them..
So what's your process? Any tips? ;)

And before I go, here's 2 pictures from Project 365 just because a post isn't a real post without any pictures, hehe.

13/365: xti l 17-50mm l f4.5 l 1/20sec l iso 1600

14/365:xti l 17-50mm l f4.0 l 1/200sec l iso 800


Holly said...

Wow, Cindee! You are an uber-talented photographer! I wish I had better tips for photo organization, but I don't. And, I'm totally not familiar with the RAW settings. I wanted to learn more about it, but... Too bad you aren't closer to teach me! LOL!

Leslie Ashe said...

Ok can you teach ME how to take such gorgeous photo's???

I think you ROCK! :D

Anonymous said...

If i know I am going to need the photos right away I shoot in auto, but if they can wait I shoot in raw and beg my "adobe master certified" hubby to edit them for me cause he is waaaay faster, LOL!

Amanda said...

Whoa.. you're photos are stunning!! I loooove your post processing.. something I totally suck at!!

My process is much like yours... but I don't shoot in RAW yet.. although everyone keeps telling me I should start! ha ha! Can't wait to see more beautiful photos!! You ROCK!

Liz said...

hahaha, girl, i feel the exact same way. posts are so much more fun with pretty pictures....and yours are absolutely EXQUISITE!!!!!!

dangit, if I knew your blog link was up and running I would have awarded you a blog award tonight. darnit!! next time. for sure!

Liz said...

oh and my process. er, I couldn't figure out how to transfer OR open my raw files so I stopped using raw. :( for some odd reason I can't open the NEF files in cs3. what's wrong with me????

anyways, back to my process. download using lightroom and save files to external hard drive. I should be deleting the unwanteds like you do, I'm going to have to incorproate that into my workflow. Thanks for the tip!

Geo said...

Man-o-man, your use of iso 1600 rocks cindee. the result is perfect! Good job...