Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New year.. oh what the heck...

So, after a lot of thought, I decided to give this blog thing another try...
So many people all over the world has has been keeping a blog for quite some time now but what is it with me that blogs terrify the living cr*p out of me?!
But that must stop. Now. It's the new year and I will give it another shot. At least I can try, right?

With that, I've also decided to get on the project 365 day bandwagon. After I bought my SLR back in March 07 , I'm embarrassed to admit that it rarely sees the light of day and hopefully, partaking on this challenge will help me to get use to taking photos of the everyday instead of just special occasions. :) And maybe even improve on the quality? lol! I started this late but now is better than never right?!

Here's some really random photos I've taken so far and I intend to update my flickr (link on the sidebar) everyday or so.. (fingers crossed!) If you're also doing Project 365, please post your link cause I'd love to see it!

11/365: xti l 50mm l f5.6 l 1/650sec l iso 200

12/365: xti l 50mm l f2.8 l 1/125sec l iso 1600


Alexis said...

I love the tone of all your photos and even your blog. Gorgeous!!
Great to see you blogging again!

Anonymous said...

I love the photos too!! Welcome to the mind numbing world of blogland, lol!!

Holly said...

Those are gorgeous photos, Cindee! I could never keep up with the 365 thing. Good luck to you on doing it, though! ;0)

Amanda said...

YAY!! Welcome back to blog land!! I too have tough time with trying to think about "why I blog" or "what I want my blog to be".. I think it's such a great idea to share your creative stuff as well as a few personal tidbits that you'll likely really enjoy going back to read for years to come! And congrats on joining 365.. those photos are gorgeous!! Can't wait to see more!! :D

Leslie Ashe said...

Yay you have a blog!!! :D
I LOVE your photo's girl! WOW! :D

I'm so glad you're blogging! :D


Nicole said...

Wonderful photos!!! I too am doing Project 365! Photos posted on my blog!