Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lesson learned.

It all started last Thursday when one of my friends came over to bake our bf's some cookies for valentines day.
Just so all of you guys know, I'm not a big cooker, and although I occasionally cook and bake, I'm no master of such things but I can mimick fairly well, or so I thought, ha!
So when I read the very simple recipe, I thought, no-biggie!
It all seemed simple, maybe too simple.
Till everything went wrong.
But after 4 different batches and 7 hours later, we somehow managed to pull it off, lol! and beautifully if I may add. :)
Here's a glimpse of our chaos! (all the photos below were taken with my camera phone so please excuse the horrible quality.)

And the final product! My bf hates anything too sweet so I made him the plain heart shaped butter cookies while my friend's bf got the pretty ones with strawberry jam center!

To sum up the experience, here's what I learned about baking through this insane baking experience. I'm no patissier but I guess this is a good lesson learned. :)

-Read and FOLLOW directions carefully STEP BY STEP. Just because everything will end up being mixed together at the end, it doesn't mean that you can just mix them up together all at once! There is a reason why you should mix certain ingredients first so FOLLOW the directions!
-Be sure to not mistake 1/4 teaspoon of salt for 1/4 cup of salt or you'll end up with one salty batch of cookies!
-Make sure to double check if you have enough sugar and flour cause you'll most likely need more than what you have in your cupboard.
-Use a wax paper under your dough when cutting with a cookie cutter so it won't get stuck!
-If you don't know what you're doing, search google or watch some baking videios on youtube.

Other than that, my valentine's day with the bf was fabulous, the best v-day so far; it involved rose petals, candles, a new steak house, wine, heart shaped meat balls made by my bf, and my new 66" friend! :)
(Okay, I'm not normally the stuff animal type of gal but Patrick has been an exception as long as I can remember! )

In other news, I picked up my camera on Sunday and it's in working condition, (yay!) so no more crappy photos in my future blog posts, lol!!


Melanie Stanczyk said...

That is the biggest stuffed animal I have ever seen!

Cookies look great too!

Thanks for stopping at my blog today! I was very surprised!

Cathy said...

Wow! That cute stuff animal is as big as you! =) Hey, the cookies look GOOD!! Glad to hear that you had a great Valentine's Day!

Amanda said...

That cookie story is just too funny! lol ... I can see that happening to me! .. but the cookies look fab! Sounds like you had a wonderful v-day!! :)

Nancy said...

haha, no more crappy photos! like you could take a crappy photo, i think not! the cookies look fab, 7hours, god bless you girl!